A service release is available for SCiLS Lab and SCiLS Lab MVS, version 2020a of the Core, Pro and Premium 3D product modules. The following features were added to the software:

  • New Feature: Allowing peak lists to be exported into text files for import into spreadsheet software
  • New Feature: Enabling re-ordering of columns in peak list table
  • New Feature: Supporting limited set of characters from scientific notation and non-Latin (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc.)
  • Improvement: Simplified user interface and distinction of tables
  • Improvement: Increased performance when handling with long peak lists
  • Improvement: Avoid storage of m/z images when no data is available to display
  • Multiple bug fixes and stability issues related to loading external data into existing SCiLS Lab files

Your SCiLS Lab should detect the installer for this update automatically, if not navigate to Help > Check for Updates; you can also get the most recent version from our downloads section.

Service Release for SCiLS Lab Core / SCiLS Lab Pro (Version 2020a)