A service release is available for SCiLS Lab and SCiLS Lab MVS, version 2019c of the CorePro and Premium 3D product lines. The following features were added to the software:

  • New Feature: Added “Peak Area” as new interval processing mode
  • Improvement: Better performance when importing, and working with, centroid data
  • Improvement: Better performance for region attributes in large data sets
  • Improvement: Reworked the tile view for better handling and performance
  • Improvement: Temporary files get deleted as soon as a task is finished
  • Bugfix: Fixed several bugs in the intensity box plot to increase stability
  • Bugfix: Fixed denoising bug which produced holes in some circumstances
  • Bugfix: Fixed colorbar bug which did not update the m/z value when the image is unchanged
  • Multiple minor bugfixes

Your SCiLS Lab should detect the installer for this update automatically, you can also get the most recent version from our downloads section.

Service Release for SCiLS Lab Core / SCiLS Lab Pro (Version 2019c)