A service release is available for SCiLS Lab and SCiLS Lab MVS, version 2019a of the Core, Pro and Premium 3D product lines. The following features were added to the software:

  • New feature: SCiLS Lab now reads content from files that were not correctly closed or marked as broken, and tries to create a repaired file.
  • Improvement: “Normalization to Peak” is now added by on-the-fly control instead of tool.
  • Improvement: Speed-up the import of spectra into sl files.
  • Bugfix: Failed to show 3D image when the dataset was registered only partially.
  • Bugfix: Ignore empty spectra during imzML export.
  • Bugfix: Failed to load huge images or many individual m/z images.

Your SCiLS Lab should detect the installer for this update automatically, you can also get the most recent version from our downloads section.

Service Release for SCiLS Lab Core / SCiLS Lab Pro (Version 2019a)