21 August 2017

For our products SCiLS Lab Core and SCiLS Lab Pro (Version 2018a), a service release is available which adds six new features and fixes the following bugs:

  • Feature: Hotspot removal is now executed automatically
  • Feature: The gel view uses maximal contrast within the zoomed range
  • Feature: All loaded m/z images can now be batch saved as jpg or png images
  • Feature: imzML data is imported with a horizontal flip to conform with other softwares
  • Feature: Improved search for true/false attributes in region tree
  • Feature: Plotter can now combine auto y scaling with compare mode
  • Bugfix: Fixed a bug where region attributes did not appear when using the labels report table
  • Bugfix: Classification models imported from other sl files now correct deviations in normalization target values
  • Bugfix: Fixed bug where the importer falsely reported insufficient disk space
  • Bugfix: Fixed off-by-one error for spectrum ids in CSV export
  • Bugfix: Peak picking would not run despite pressing ‚Yes‘ in warning dialog
  • Bugfix: Several minor visualization bugs in the plotter
  • Bugfix: Several minor bug fixes

Your SCiLS Lab should detect the installer for this patch automatically, you can also get the most recent version from our downloads section.

Service Release for SCiLS Lab Core / SCiLS Lab Pro is available