The list of public datasets has grown at SCiLS Cloud <>: You can now browse two more datasets which were created with our vendor-neutral software SCiLS Lab MVS.

These datasets have been available via the GigaScience (Oetjen et al., 2015) and Pride (Römpp et al., 2015) data archives, now added to our cloud storage, they can be explored interactively with our web service.

Furthermore, we made a new feature available at SCiLS Cloud: It is now possible to publicly share image annotations and load these without the necessity to register in advance.

Image annotation is provided to SCiLS Lab users as a distributed workflow between registered users. This allows an expert to annotate histologically stained images in microscopy resolution in their browser.

If you are a SCiLS Lab user, you can claim your personal storage space and start uploading data to SCiLS Cloud. Go to to learn how to connect your SCiLS Lab with SCiLS Cloud.

Public datasets added to SCiLS Cloud