25 July 2017

For our product SCiLS Lab 2018a, a service release is available which improved the integration with the METASPACE online platform for automatic annotation. Our service release comes with the following improvements:

  • Now the data export is scheduled as a background task without locking the user interface. This also enables to batch export data.
  • The performance of the METASPACE export is significantly increased and is about 4 times faster than in previous versions.
  • When exporting data to imzML files we prevent gaps and blank lines in the image representation of the METASPACE engine.

If you have installed SCiLS Lab then the software will automatically check for updates and point out the new available service release. If you want to update manually, please go to downloads and select SCiLS Lab 2018a release.

For more info on METASPACE please also visit the website of the European project METASPACE.

Improved integration with the METASPACE online annotation platform