29 August 2017

For our products SCiLS Lab and SCiLS Lab MVS, an upgrade to version 2018b is available for download. SCiLS Lab 2018b comes with several new features, improvements and fixes; in particular an improved and faster 3D visualization.

Figure: New 3D transparency visualization of two m/z values introduced with SCiLS Lab version 2018b. The dataset contains serial sections adding up to 14,000 spectra of a squid provided by Janek von Byern, University of Vienna. The sections have been MALDI-imaged by Janina Oetjen, University of Bremen.

Additional information on all features can be found here: release notes.

Your SCiLS Lab should detect the installer for this update automatically, you can also get the most recent version from our downloads section.

Improved 3D visualization in SCiLS Lab 2018b