7 November 2016

A service release for SCiLS Lab 2016b is available for download. It comes with the following changes:

  • Reduced memory consumption during import
  • Improved import speed for certain large datasets
  • Added support for different raster sizes in one .mis file when importing from DAT
  • Added warning when opening files from network or removable devices
  • Fixed several smaller bugs for the 3D visualization
  • Fixed bug which reset the layout in the importer after saving an import project
  • Fixed bug which could lead to an 1 pixel offset for optical images
  • Improved time reporting of the batch importer
  • Improved stability of the batch importer
  • Improved and extended logging
  • Fixed importer crash when data contains garbage spectra
  • Improved general stability

If you have installed SCiLS Lab then the software will automatically check for updates and point out the new available service release. If you want to update manually, please go to downloads and select SCiLS Lab 2016b release.

Service release for SCiLS Lab 2016b available for download