11 November 2016

A service release for SCiLS Lab 2016b is available for download. It comes with the following changes:

  • Improved storing and loading speed of large bookmarks
  • Improved initialization for co-registrating images
  • Improved stability of importer with implausible or duplicate content in .mis files
  • Improved logging and incident handling
  • Improved consistency in the 3D registrator for alternative reference images
  • Bookmarks will now tell the user if they were recorded with different file settings and adjust them accordingly
  • Reduced needed disk space for importing large datasets
  • Fixed reset of camera view in the 3D mode when new objects are not visible
  • Fixed unintended visual behavior in 3D when changing the denoising state of m/z images
  • Fixed cancelling of the import
  • Fixed Import when .mis files contains areas with the same name
  • Fixed next/previous peak behavior in non-sorted peak lists

If you have installed SCiLS Lab then the software will automatically check for updates and point out the new available service release. If you want to update manually, please go to downloads and select SCiLS Lab 2016b release.

Service release for SCiLS Lab 2016b available for download