8 September 2016

An update for our MALDI imaging software SCiLS Lab is available for download. New functionality and several improvements have been added, thanks to the valuable feedback from our users. The features include

  • Improved usability for FT-ICR data analysis
    • When importing multiple SQLite data sets a consolidated peak list is generated during import
    • Improved visualization of mean spectra for SQLite data
  • Official interface to METASPACE alpha version
    • Ability to export data to the official METASPACE engine delivering molecular annotations
  • Improved visualization for plots and graphs
    • Possibility to adjust the line thickness
    • Possibility to adjust the font size
  • Numerous improvements and fixes such as
    • More robust hot spot removal when using the median normalization
    • Improved behavior of the tools Find co-localized m/z values and Find discriminative m/z values when working on peak lists
    • More stable behavior of the objects tab
    • More stable behavior when importing .sl files
    • Fixed a volume rendering bug for the SCiLS Lab 3D version
    • Fixed a rendering bug which prevented showing regions twice in SCiLS Lab 3D
    • Hundreds of small improvements and fixes

You can download the update from our downloads page. If you have any problems with SCiLS Lablike questions on data analysisor are interested in upgrading from earlier versions of SCiLS Lab, please don’t hesitate to contact our software support team at support@scils.de.

New version SCiLS Lab 2016b is available for download