We are happy to announce that a new version of our MALDI imaging software SCiLS Lab is available for download. SCiLS Lab 2016a comes with numerous new features improving productivity and expanding the scope of the applications. This, e.g., includes

  • Combine and extend .sl files
    • The importer is now able to handle SCiLS Lab .sl files
    • With this you can combine and extend .sl files with other .sl and .mis files
    • The possibility to import smaller subsets of .sl and .mis files
  • New batch import
    • The new batch importer is able to import several measurements into individual SCiLS Lab .sl files
    • Each resulting .sl file corresponds to one individual measurement (.mis file); all .sl files are generated by the same settings
    • The batch importer works self-sufficiently in the background, so you can keep working with SCiLS Lab
  • Import / Export of regions
    • You can export regions from one data set and import it into another one
    • This enables to use distributed workflows together with your peers
  • Improved usability and visual feedback
    • Improvement of interactivity and representation of regions
    • The region tree is more intuitive with selecting and editing
    • The cursor in the spectrum view now snaps to the closest peak
  • Faster data visualization
    • Faster creation of ion images from peak lists
    • Faster refreshing of ion images after adjusting visualization parameters, e.g. the normalization options or the denoising level
  • Hundreds of small improvements and fixes


You can download the update from our downloads page. If you have any problems with SCiLS Lab or questions on data analysis please don’t hesitate to contact our software support team at support@scils.de.

New version SCiLS Lab 2016a is available for download