ProjectsProjectAnalytical Services

SCiLS Analytical Services provides acquisition of MALDI mass spectrometry imaging data as a service. SCiLS Analytical Services is ran at DFG-official core facility MALDI Imaging Lab in collaboration with University of Bremen. We offer acquisition of 2D and 3D MALDI-imaging data of various samples (biological tissue, plant tissue, polymer and bio films). Acquisition of 3D MALDI-imaging data is performed following the original MRI-compatible protocol and is supported by our MALDI-imaging software SCiLS Lab.

ProjectsProjectResearch projects

SCiLS Research takes active part in many research projects on both national and European scale, where it performs either project-specific Research & Development or 2D/3D MALDI-imaging data acquisition. The Research & Development normally involves developing efficient algorithms, their implementation, in particular using GPU-architecture, and providing project parters ready-to-use software.